Time to Talk materials

Every lesson in Time to Talk has professionally recorded audio which students can receive in CD or digital format. Using voices from around the world, it exposes students to a variety of accents in a vast range of situaitons, really immersing students further into the Time to Talk experience. Audio scripts can be found in the back of every student book to support the listening process, but also to allow for learning expansions through activities such as role plays.

Homework and self-study
Towards the back of every book, homework based on what has been studied in the lesson can be found. Further explanations of studied grammar and sentence structures can also be found near the homework section, giving students the opportunity to build on content learned in lessons at home or elsewhere!

Time to Talk teacher's notes
Every Time to Talk student book has dedicated, detailed teacher's notes. Every aspect of each lesson is thoughtfully planned out to support even the most experienced teachers. For shorter classes, core activities are highlighted and for longer classes, expansion and extension advise is given. Additionally, whether you are teaching group or private classes, the notes will give advice on how to adapt the material to best suit your circumstance. Here, you will also find answer keys, grammar advice and audio scripts.

Time to Talk Vocabulary Builder
A perfect supplement to the Time to Talk series is the Time to Talk Vocabulary Builder. This is a five-level, ten-book series designed to assist students in their English vocabulary studies as they progress from the foundational level through to the upper intermediate level. The words and activities featured in the series become progressively more challenging to meet the needs of students at different stages of their English language development. The words featured in Time to Talk Vocabulary Builder are high-frequency words encountered in both spoken and written English. Students will find the words invaluable in their study of English. Twenty words are introduced in each unit. Over the course of one book, students will encounter 400 words - or 4,000 over the course of the whole series. Each word is introduced with a definition and example sentence, allowing students to see words in context from the outset. Pictures accompanying the definitions provide clues to help students to visualise the words and form related associations - an important part of memory and recall.

The activities in each unit provide students with extensive exposure to the target words of that unit. Activities are designed to give students the opportunity to think about the meaning and usage of the vocabulary, and the relationship between the target words and other words. Each unit contains a short dialogue containing some of the target vocabulary in a new context, followed by comprehension questions. A review section provides an opportunity for students to test their understanding and recall of the words.

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