Wow! materials

*The information here primarily focuses on Wow! Red, Yellow and Blue and Wow! 1-5, unless specifically referenced otherwise. Wow! Play can be used with your own materials to support in its classroom and home use.


From Wow! Red right through to Wow! 5, professionally recorded audio is available to students in CD or digital format. Wow! Red, Yellow and Blue are accompanied by in-house written songs, that can only be found with these courses. Get ready for catchy songs that capture the very essence of Wow! For Wow! 1-5, professionally recorded audio is again available, employing voices of both male and female, with a variety of accents from a variety of countries. This variety of exposure means that students become familar with English of all kinds as part of their learning journey.

Playing cards (or flashcards)

From Wow! Red right through to Wow! 5, there are around 80 playing cards each to help emphasise the course content. These cards feature images from the student books, many with the English words on them to promote reading and production as games and other activities are played.

Wow! teacher's notes

Every Wow! student book, including Wow! Play, has dedicated, detailed teacher's notes. Every aspect of each lesson is thoughtfully planned out to support even the most experienced teachers. For shorter classes, core activities are highlighted and for longer classes, expansion and extension advise is given. Additionally, whether you are teaching group or private classes, the notes will give advice on how to adapt the material to best suit your circumstance and students. Here, you will also find an asnwer key as well as audio scripts.

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