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There are nine Wow! courses: Wow! Play, Wow! Red, Wow! Yellow, Wow! Blue, Wow! 1, Wow! 2, Wow! 3, Wow! 4 and Wow! 5.

The fundamental drive of the whole Wow! series is: Communication through fun! All of the books aim to give students the confidence to communicate.

Wow! Play is a sketchbook designed for very young students where simple, bright, colourful and bold pictures introduce students to the world of English. Supplement it with existing courses or use it stand-alone for a gentle beginning to English study.

Starting off with broad blank pages, it means that students do not need to worry about 'colouring within the lines' or being contrained to any other limitations. It allows students to concentrate on their fine motor skills like holding a pencil or crayon and just enjoying the process, free of any pressure.

Big and bold thick-outlined images are introduced later which allows the students to demonstrate their more confident colouring abilities. As students progress through the book, it prepares them perfectly for the next Wow! experience.

Wow! Red, Yellow and Blue are books for younger students who have some foundation in English learning and want to build on it. Each lesson is spread across 1 A3 page. The content of the 3 books gets progressively more challenging as it moves from Red, to Yellow to Blue.

Each lesson in Wow! Red, Yellow and Blue covers:

• introducing and practicing language in easy to understand ways

• language production and repetition

• reading

• listening

• pre-writing/writing

• review

Every activity and element of every book has FUN at its centre!

Wow! 1, Wow! 2, Wow! 3, Wow! 4 and Wow! 5 build on the English instilled in the earlier Wow! courses, while also reviewing it, to maximise confidence in English output. Each lesson is spread over 2 A3 pages.

Every lesson has a similar format across the 5 books (2 A3 pages), ensuring that students have a smooth journey from one book to the next and can learn without the fear of the unexpected.

These books provide students with engaging English learning experiences where all 4 skills are practiced throughout, ensuring that vital every day communication can be acheived.

Every lesson features role plays (reading and producing), listening, pronunciation and writing practice, throughout their colourful and modern designed pages.

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